Christmas Teaching and Learning Showcase 12/12/2018 #GMITMATL

On the 12th December 2018, GMIT organised a Christmas Teaching and Learning Showcase, which I attended as part of my certificate on teaching and learning. 

The showcase included guest lecturers and speakers from GMIT (Galway, Letterfrack and Mayo campuses) and DCU in Dublin. I was particularly interested in the lecture of Dr Lisa Donaldson on e-portfolios; the lecture of Dr Heather Lally about her personal e-portfolio and the lecture of Dr Cormac Quigley on the Lightboard and Online Teaching. 

Dr Lisa Donaldson focused on the importance of e-portfolios in a digital world, and how they can be used for assessments, but also highlight extracurricular activities and provide detailed information about an individual. In her lecture, she tried to encourage students to consider their e-portfolio as an ongoing resource that should include their resumes, access to relevant works and projects, lesson plans and artistic performances. This will highly contribute for companies to check the e-portfolios while trying to look for someone to hire. Her speech was inspiring and allowed me to think and reflect in my online presence and e-portfolio, which I started to adapt to include a section for Teaching and Learning on my website. 

Dr Heather Lally showcased her online portfolio on Weebly, which has several resources for teaching and learning regarding her modules, as well as reusable learning objects to improve student feedback. Her lecture was also inspiring because her topics are in Natural Sciences, which is my field of work. Seeing her presentation about her online portfolio allowed me to improve my website by including sections of work (relevant papers) and projects. 

Finally, the third lecture that inspired me was done by Dr Cormac Quigley, who shared the use of Lightboard to record video and display those contents online in his youtube channel. The Lightboard is a piece of hardware that allows the lecturer to record the lesson live, and then edit the video to make reusable learning objects that the students can access. 

I really appreciate having the opportunity to attend this showcase, as it not only inspires me to become a better lecturer but also to further advance my interaction with students. 

Online resources and references

Dr Heather Lally online portfolio

Dr Cormac Quigley youtube channel

Dr Lisa Donaldson Eportfolio Ireland website