Teaching and Learning

Statements and portfolio


The path of education

As part of my Training and Career Development Plan, I started the NFQ Level 9 Certificate in Teaching and Learning (T&L), a 30 credit, minor award qualification offered by the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).

This T&L course has enabled me to get acquainted with several educational theorists such as Jean Piaget, John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, and Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, to name a few.

The course is designed to enable educators/lecturers/facilitators to develop, deliver and review lessons in the context modular teaching. By using different educational tools (both online and offline), the educator/lecturer/facilitator is invited to critically reflect on their practice and to develop competences and skills in problem-based learning (PBL) and in teaching practice.

This section of my e-portfolio was designed to share the most relevant assessments developed throughout the T&L course, namely my personal educational philosophy; the lesson plans and the re-usable learning resource.