Teaching Philosophy

This section is the result of reflective research in educational theories, which ultimately lead to the paper “Improving learning experiences by using humanism and constructivism teaching approaches in the classroom”. In here I share the abstract and the references used for this reflective paper, while providing a link to the full document below.

Improving learning experiences by using Humanism and Constructivism teaching approaches in the classroom

 By João Frias


Learning, according to my teaching philosophy, is an active, evolving, engaging and constructive process aimed to address self-fulfillment needs, for both students and lecturers involved. The current research paper, more than a simple comparative literature review on educational theories, is also a reflection analysis that explores Humanism and Constructivism teaching approaches to the 21st century multicultural classroom. Engagement, encouragement and motivation are the key elements that will guide students to develop and/or improve their critical thinking skills while fostering a deeper understanding of a specific topic. The lecturer acts as a facilitator, providing tools and resources that allow the process of converting learning and reflections into understanding, using specific examples and exercises. As teaching strategies, I employ the use of visual examples using objects and/or learning materials about the topic being lectured, on-line interaction in the classroom using technology enhanced learning, provision of additional resources and tools on GMIT VLE Moodle page, peer-interaction, field trips, peer discussion groups, problem-based learning sessions and personal reflection assignments. Such strategies motivate students to have a positive attitude towards their learning environment, while creating a sense of responsibility, awareness and respect towards their peers and lecturers, which are essential to promote a safe and relaxed learning environment. Humanism theories alongside with social and cognitive constructivism form the core of my teaching values and are the pillar of daily classroom interactions in a multicultural environment.


Pedagogy, teaching strategies, educational theories, teaching philosophy, education system, multiculturalism